Mission of the Foundation

Our Mission

To advance the science of integrating geology and civil engineering in their application to the built world and to contribute to the historical preservation and advancement of economically sustainable small ranch farming.

Purpose of the Foundation

To provide a not-for-profit education-focused California organization that advances the two passions of Ray Taber, the science of combining geology and civil engineering and sustainable small ranch farming. The primary goal of the foundation is to serve as a vehicle for providing scholarships to students in these specific areas of study, and provide financial support for specific research projects and other endeavors which will contribute to the growth of these areas of specialization.

Government of the Foundation

A volunteer "working" Board of Directors, led by an elected president, directs and manages the Foundation's activities towards fulfillment of its mission.

2023 Board of Directors

Officers of the Board

  • President: Andrew Taber
  • Secretary and Registrar: Meredith Young

Members of the Board

  • Harmon Taber, Jr.
  • Natalie Klempau
  • Matt Buche, PG
  • Chase White, PE, GE, PG, CEG
  • Ron Loutzenhiser, PE, GE, M. ASCE
  • Chad Carlson, Ph. D, PG


  • Provide scholarships to students pursuing studies in the areas of the Foundation's mission.
  • Provide support for specific research endeavors which will advance the Foundation's mission.
  • Pursue other collaborative activities within the scientific and farming communities which both align with and effectively advance the Foundation's mission.

Income Sources

  • Corporate Donations
  • Private Party Donations
  • Professional Organization Donations
  • Professional Organization Grants
  • Government Grants
  • Private Foundation Grants
  • Stakeholder Support Share from Participation in Mission-Related Special Events
  • Stakeholder Support Share from Participation in Mission-Related On-Going Product or Services Sales Activities